If laughter is the best medicine, then a good clown is the best doctor.

Siegfried Wache


International Festival for Puppet- and Object Theatre
19th September – 23th September 2019

This year, our biennial festival Osthafen will take place under the motto “CIRCUS OF LIVE”.

It’s the eighth festival of its kind an enjoys great popularity.

The great theme “CIRCUS OF LIVE” will determine the issues and questions of the productions. Under this topic there are many opportunities to meet and exchange and to create inspirational collaborations between artists, theatres and the audience.

We would like you to take part in the VIII. International Puppet- and Object Theatre Festival “Osthafen VIII”, which will take place from

September 19 th – September 23th 2019 at the “Theater des Lachens”

(“Theatre of Laughter”) Frankfurt/Oder, directly on the border to Poland.

During your visit, we will pay accommodation expenses including breakfast, you will have free access to all performances and you will receive a fee for your own performance.

Please apply with productions that answer to the festival’s theme “CIRCUS OF LIVE”.

In your production use less or no language.

You can take part in our festival under the following conditions: Send us a DVD or Link of your performance, promotional material about your theatre and the performance, pictures of your performance and the completed application form.

The final application deadline is end of March 2019.

The Public Puppet Theatre of Frankfurt Oder was established in 1975.

In 1992 it was renamed “Das Theater des Lachens“ (The Theatre of Laughter) and has ever since presented fantastic puppet, actor and object performances. Laughter is the simplest pleasure of our lives irrespective to nationalities, hierarchies, gender, age or belief.

Laughter is boundless just as our tolerance towards people whose belief differs from our own. Touches allow to repeal limits – this is one of the major concerns of the „Theater des Lachens“ in Frankfurt on the river “Oder”.

The „Theater des Lachens“, located in a converted steam engine warehouse next to an old furniture factory, acts warmly unconventional and not at all elitist. Between industrial brick buildings, boardwalk and apartment buildings, it presents itself as an integral part of the urban life (world) and sees itself as a cultural ambassador for the city.

Modern theatre demands new perspectives

Nothing is impossible, imagination knows no boundaries.

It is a meeting place between nationalities.

Best regards
Torsten Gesser
Theater Director